About Us

Kalyan foundation was started as a personal initiative by Biswakalyan Nayak in 2018 with the aim to contribute towards our society. Enjoy the love of giving back. We work for providing education to deprived and poverty-stricken children. The foundation started with a strong objective and belief that the educated children can contribute towards a progressive society. Our aim is to take care of socially backward children and offer them good education and preserve their rights towards society.

Our Vision

The effect of poverty in child education has long standing impacts. Poor children never get full support for their basic education. The impact of education on society in developing countries cannot be overstated. Knowledge gives immense power to dream and achieve big. It also develops confidence to move forward in everyday life. At Kalyan Foundation, We as a unit aims:- Establishing a sustainable society, where each individual will live with dignity and self-respect leading a harmonious life.


Book Donation

We aims to provide support for education to very poor family background Children studying standard VI to standard X. Government provide free lesson books but in this competitive society Student need Exam preparation books which help them to score good result.


Due to poverty Children are forceful to be victims of child marriages, domestic servants. This program will provide all the support for higher education career of these children in government Schools/College.

Other Activities

We also loved to help and support in any other form which adds value for our society. Please reach us: - visit how to approach section.


Our initiative always encourage us to do something more. Here is our gallery with some memories what we do to celebrate the smile.


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As an organizing members we stay out of India. Please reach out on +91 9861044295 (Sangram Nayak) for initial communication.


We are available in WhatsApp, Please reach us on +91 9167933895 or +82 1048333719


You can email us directly on info@kalyanfoundation.org or use Contact (GET IN TOUCH) section.

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Biswakalyan Nayak


Umasankar Dash

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